“Hurricane Katrina:Tempest in Crescent City”

mark the third anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, youth leaders for
Global Kids, Inc. have created an online community and game in
conjunction with Game Pill, Inc., AMD and Microsoft Corp.’s Partners
in Learning where young people can engage in and experience the
ongoing relief efforts in New Orleans.

Global Kids, the foremost nonprofit in New York City dedicated to
educating urban youth about civic engagement and international
affairs, and Game Pill, an innovator in online games development,
have created a socially conscious game and web site, “Hurricane
Katrina: Tempest in Crescent City” (www.tempestincrescentcity.org).
This is the second game developed by Global Kids youth following the
highly successful Ayiti: The Cost of Life (costoflife.org), which
educates players about the obstacles to education faced by children
in developing countries. Ayiti has been played worldwide over 1.5
million times and serves as a new model for games that address
serious issues to increase youth awareness and involvement.


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